Artist, Writer, Researcher

Shirt idea 9.jpg
Shirt idea 7.jpg

Synth Shirt (work in progress)
Design ideas for handmade screen printed and dyed shirt, 2021

Cindy Wilson (work in progress)

Transfer print on dress lining fabric, 2021

Cindy 2.jpg

Always See Everything, My Brother

Kimono sweatshirt

Screen printed, painted and dyed cotton jersey

Shown as part of Wu-Tang is for the Children 
LondonNewcastle Project Space, 2014

gina baber.jpg
Gina Baber 2.jpg
Gina Baber 3.jpg
Gina Baber
Gina Baber 6.jpg
GinaBaber 14.jpg


Solo Exhibition at Rough Trade East, 2012

Detail from Pyramids

Screen print on newsprint

Pyramids print.JPG
Gina Baber 13.jpg

Designs from original Pyramids screen prints for Graniph (Gina Baber vol.015) 

Gina Baber 12.jpg
Gina Baber 11.jpg

Screen Prints on Paper and fabric

Gina Baber
Gina Baber 10.jpg
Gina Baber 17.jpg
Gina Baber
Gina Baber-1.jpg